Reading the convention


With thousands of journalists and some infinite number of bloggers, activists and pundits covering this convention, finding some fresh views can be a frustrating prospect.

Google (which provided me with a tasty and perfectly chilled smoothy as I reported this blog post) has a few cool ways to organize your reading. In fact, I was on my way to ask Arianna Huffington what she was reading, when a young, proud Google employee intercepted me with a smoothy.

Google had pre-emtped my question... you too can see exactly what Arianna is reading on her Google Reader page. Google also has McCain and Obama on there, though they are obviously driving users to favorable stories. A few other "Powerreaders"are listed as well. And the Google has a pretty amazing elections page that gives you access to news, blogs, videos, etc. in a very tidy format.

I am getting a little annoyed at the Google thinking I just want Boise search results though... it feels dirty, but at least they don't know that I am actually in Denver. Yahoo! has got it's own decent elections aggregation site that actually has an editor.

I still went to hear Huffington, who runs the mega-blog Huffington Post, speak on New Media at the Big Tent, a workspace for bloggers a few blocks from the convention. HuffPost pulls together a nice mix of traditional reporting, commentary and according to Huff, more mundane topics in an effort to win new readers for the site's lefty political stance, which Huffington considers wholly mainstream.

I wanted to ask Arianna how she feels about the alt press and the ethnic media which are both working Denver in interesting ways, but she only had time for three softball questions. So I followed her down to her hospitality suite where I was handed a pomegranate juice and offered a massage. One bald dude was meditating in a corner. Women were practicing yoga. Trays of vegetarian pate were circulating. And a table full of bloggers furiously posted video and monitored comments on the site.

Alas, Arianna seemed a bit harried, so I left her alone and went next door to the Tattered Cover, a great bookstore in downtown Denver. Maybe she'll have a comment for citydesk in the morning...