Denver cartoonist obsessed with Henbest


Though she is not going to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Denver Westword illustrator Kenny Be wishes she was.

Retiring State Rep. Margaret Henbest is the main caricature in the Idaho installment of Be's series on the state and territorial delegations headed to Denver. But Henbest is not a delegate and won't be going to Denver.

Be told BW:

"The Idaho delegates had not been selected when I wrote/drew the Idaho portion of "Delegating Denver" in October of 2007. While doing my Idaho research, I became obsessed with Margaret Henbest. I don't remember why, probably because of her last name, so I made her the delegate in hopes that she would come to the convention."
Should Henbest decide to attend the convention on her own, Be offered her tent space in his yard.
Several other characters in Be's cartoon are not on the delegate list either as he did the drawing well before the June state convention. The cartoon can be viewed on the BW Beat as well.