Dem spokesman let go


Chuck Oxley, spokesman for the Idaho Democratic Party has been let go on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Oxley started in 2005 as the first party worker in Idaho to be hired under Howard Dean's 50 State Partnership program. The Democratic National Committee funds two organizers and a communications director at the Idaho part office.

Idaho Dems latest Executive Director Jim Hansen said Oxley was not a good fit but wished him well.

Reached by phone, Oxley said he outlasted two chairmen and three executive directors, but that he no longer shares the same view of his job with the current party leadership.

"It came to a point where the discussions about what to do became longer than what we were actually doing," Oxley said. "That’s not to say that I don’t wish the Democrats the best of luck."

Oxley, a former Associated Press reporter who also worked at the Idaho Statesman and at the Idaho State Journal, hopes to get back into the reporting game, saying he's better suited to journalism than party politics.

Perhaps punditry is in his future?