Howland responds


Multi-state tax auditor Stan Howland, in short e-mail to media, cast doubt on Gentry report alleging Gentry has more conflicts of his own:

"It has come to my attention that Mr. Gentry sits on the Federal & State Taxation Committee of the Idaho Society of Certified Public Accountants. Also on this committee are Commissioners Chigbrow and Grant, along with Tax Commission Policy Manager, Dan John. This, along with the fact that Mr. Gentry has represented many clients before the Tax Commission, removes any doubt as to his conflict of interest in conducting this latest 'review.'"
While Gentry is on the committee, Chigbrow, Grant and John are listed as mere "liaisons" on the Society's Web site.

Otter, has ordered a clarification of the tax commission's settlement process and more reporting on tax settlements to the tax committee, according to an AP story in the Times-News. Of course, some key legislators have already dismissed the entire affair.

Howland is still calling for a bipartisan investigation of the Tax Commission. We'll upload the documentation, when we figure out how.