Gentry report released


LaVern Gentry says the Idaho State Tax Commission is following its policies in giving regular and significant out-of-state corporate income tax breaks, but that some review and clarification is warranted.

We just got the report, via the Governor's Office. Read it here.

"My conclusion reached is that the Idaho State Tax Commission's above actions are not detrimental to sound tax policy and that the Commission did not misuse 'Doubt as to liability.'"
Gentry says the comp and close agreements that veteran tax auditor Stan Howland revealed are "fair and reasonable," that there was a "doubt as to liability" in several cases he reviewed, allowing the tax commissioners to compromise the settlement and he has a list of suggestions that the governor and the Legislature might consider.

A near quorum in the the Tax Commission's multi-state corporate tax division disagrees, charging that there is not doubt as to liability and that the settlements are patently sketchy, if not outright illegal.

We're still reading the report and seeking comment...