City working on alt trans too


Boise City workers who walk to work at least 60% of the time during the fair-weathered months can get $40 toward a pair of new shoes. Bike commuters get a free lock and $40 toward repairs. Also available are free bus passes and free parking for serious carpoolers.

All of these are part of a major effort to reduce fuel costs and pollution in Boise. At its Tuesday meeting, Boise City Council got a peek at a long list of alternative transportation measures that the city has undertaken. And a longer list is coming.

According to the memo from Michael Zuzel, a Climate Protection Program Advisory Committee is prioritizing a list of 87 additional recommendations that will be sent up to City Hall next month.

Many of the ideas are already in effect: the subsidies to city workers, a new anti-idling policy for which Guardian Frazier would like to take credit, although the coppers can still idle if it's a "police emergency," and flex schedules.

Boise also promotes bike commuting and carpooling and funds much of the valley's bus service. And the city will take suggestions on other good green ideas.

UPDATE: The City Council did not have time to discuss this effort at its meeting and will take it up again next Tuesday afternoon. The committee report, which took 18 months to complete, according to Zuzel, is available online as well.