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You Could Spend "All Day" With Girl Talk

Greg Gillis is a musical mad man


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You know you've got something good if you can get the viral media's knickers all in a twist and have everyone believing that you managed to shut down the damn Internet after your latest creation dropped. When Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, released All Day (Illegal Art) it only shut down the label's website and a few other designated remotes. Impressive nonetheless, much like Girl Talk's scientific dedication toward fire bombing the musical barriers that most call genres. And to the multitudes possessing a miniscule attention span, it remains a synaptic lightning storm of audible pleasure. Make no mistake: What Gillis does with a couple of Macs, a terabyte of everybody else's music and Olympian obsessive-compulsive disorder is, indeed, an irrefutable science.

Whether you hear All Day as an entire piece or as separate tracks, you'll find that in "Oh No" the lead sample, which is Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," runs a cool two minutes--the longest clip Gillis has sustained yet. Some reviewers like to emphasize Gillis' lack of critical voice in his works--no real message--just clever mashing to keep the keyed up hordes sweating on the dance floor. That means nothing until you reach the end of this 71- minute crushed Adderall odyssey to hear a definitive message from John Lennon. An asinine over-analysis, perhaps, as no one considers Girl Talk a political pontiff but there's no denying the power of sending bodies into a frantic flail with raps from Ol' Dirty Bastard on top of Radiohead's "Creep."

Ultimately, All Day remains free and, simply, another Girl Talk record. Play it all day.


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