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Welcome Back • Let's Hope They Weren't Counting On Big Sales In New Delhi

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Welcome Back

We here at BW are thrilled to welcome back Juliana Doherty as our listings editor. She'll be taking over the live music listings, so it's important that whether you're a venue or a band, you get your show information including time, date and price) to her every Thursday by noon for the following Wednesday's publication. E-mail her at or fax the information to her at 342-4733.

Let's Hope They Weren't Counting On Big Sales In New Delhi

The following is a press release from the band Slayer's PR company: Mumbai-based EMI Virgin India Ltd said Friday it will recall all copies of the new Slayer album Christ Illusion following protests by a Christian group, Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum (CSF).

Early this week, Joseph Dias, general secretary of CSF, issued a statement taking "strong exception" to the album's cover artwork, which he said depicts "Christ with a missing eye and amputated arms." He added, "we also condemn the track, 'Skeleton Christ' as the lyrics are an insult to Christianity." The CSF also sent a memorandum to Mumbai's police commissioner, adding that the album "will affect the sensibilities of the Muslims on the track 'Jihad' and secular Indians who have respect for all faiths."

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