Treefort Thursday Don't Miss: White Lung

Thursday, March 21, midnight-1 a.m. at Red Room



"White Lung is a punk band," reads the band's short bio. But the group isn't so easily summed up.

The mostly-female four-piece hammers out an angry flurry of quick guitars, fast drums and bass. Singer Mish Way's abrasive yelling and commanding choruses lurch out of her with an in-your-face brashness. Bassist Grady Mackintosh and drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou—who thrashes about with plenty of quick, two-four snare punk beats—also add energy to the quartet. Guitarist Kenneth William rounds out the group, who refer to themselves as "three wicked witches and a greedy miser."

White Lung inject so much venom in their music that all you can do is nod your head and succumb to an overwhelming urge to slam dance.


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