The Griddle

2310 E. Overland Rd., Meridian. 208-288-1848, Mon.-Sun., 6 a.m.-2 p.m.

| January 02, 2008
- Joyce Alexander

Walking into The Griddle is like the first day of summer, warm and bright. The walls, tables and chairs are all yellow, and everything is shiny and new. The room itself is wide open with a high ceiling that gives it a warehouse feeling, but in no way is it uninviting. It's easy to tell that someone had a vision for the decor and worked rather hard to make it a reality. There is plenty of seating available in either a comfortable booth or a table, but most charming was the counter lined with swivel chairs. The elderly couple sitting at the counter during my visit gave it a classic look like a Norman Rockwell painting, and I half expected to see a soda jerk complete with the white apron and a sailor hat. There weren't many customers while I was there so I felt no remorse occupying a booth all to myself and taking my sweet time. I ordered a cup of coffee ($1.45) and spent half an hour or so catching up on the Idaho Statesman's version of reality. My waiter, a young fellow in his early 20s with an obvious talent for reading people, knew to leave me alone for the most part while still providing great service.

After a while, I perused the menu and was a little shocked at the prices. Most meals at The Griddle are in the $8-$10 range which seemed to contrast with the mellow, informal atmosphere of the establishment. After calling my banker and moving some money around, I was ready to order. Maybe I have an unhealthy obsession with anything and everything San Francisco, but it is my former hometown, and since most things associated with that city tend to be of a certain level of quality, I ordered the Golden Gate sandwich ($8.75). It's a hot turkey sandwich with melted cheese and bread with dried peppers baked right in. Mind you, my love for SF isn't the only reason I ordered the Golden Gate. Someone once asked me what I would choose to eat in the unlikely scenario that I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life, and I said, with no hesitation, turkey sandwiches. San Francisco-inspired names, turkey sandwiches and the fact that I was about to part with at least $18 (I always tip well) all combined to create within me some rather high expectations.

My food arrived promptly and piping hot. Aside from the sandwich, the plate was covered with french fries. And not average french fries. It looked like there were potato skins around every individual fry, no breading, just warm, fluffy fried potato. Oh, the guilty pleasures. The much-anticipated sandwich was next. The first bite was divine, well worth nine bucks. The healthy helping of turkey was complemented by an even more healthy helping of melted cheddar cheese, and the bread that had piqued my interest before did not disappoint. With dried peppers baked in, the bread added spice to the naturally savory sandwich. I cleared my plate in no time and would have craved seconds had I not been so full. Satisfied, I left the warm and sunny restaurant and ventured out into the cold Boise winter wonderland.

The Griddle is a bit of a drive for Boiseans, located on the south side of Meridian near Overland and Eagle roads. But don't let that stop you; in fact, consider it an outing, an adventure to a new place for some new tastes.

—Tom Kershaw thinks french fries should be at the top of the food pyramid.


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This is our first time out the Griddle since it replaced the Orignal pancake house, which had been our favorite breakfast spot.

The place was nearly empty, but apparently the servers had other things to do, because it took 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged that we existed.

My wife loves biscuits and gravy, so she ordered that and was unpleasently suprised; they were completely tasteless.

I was adventurous and tried the poached eggs benedict on crab cakes, something I looked forward to because I love crab cakes. However, when I got it, the entire dish was soaked in lemon juice so I was unable to tell what either could taste like. The "breakfast potatoes" are portayed as being some kind of home cooked potatoe dish, but they turned out to be packaged hash browns, fairly burnt with no attmept made to season them at all.

The execution of our meals seemd to follow no rhyme or reason, some of it cold, some of it burnt; all of it horribly gone bad.

Deinfately not worth the time or the money. My wife made the comment that she wanted to try it out on her one "bad day" that she goes off her diet each week, but that now that she finished the meal, she wished she could just purge the whole thing.

Coming back? Nope, not ever, not even if you paid me.

Posted by Mrfamilyman on 07/25/2009 at 2:17 PM

my family & i had the unfortunate pleasure of dinning here on sunday, the sign read "please seat yourself", so we tried to, the waiter said i'll get this table cleaned up right away, he started to clear it & another shorter woman said i'll set it, so we stood there for a couple of minutes & as i started to sit down, the waitress snapped " i said wait till i get it setup, i don't want to have to lean over you", so i waited she only had one more setting to put on table, so again i started to sit down, again she snapped " i said wait till i get this setup", we finally sat down & we gave drink orders, it took 10 minutes to get just the drinks, we ordered our food & proceeded to wait & wait, the waitress finally came back around 30 minutes later, gave my husband & i more coffee, she over looked my daughter & i had to call her back, so that my daughter could get more coffe, at which time we all wanted water, my grandsons water had food floating in his water. finally 50 minutes later our food finally came, my daughter had a chickhen fried steak, of which was sOOO bad tasting, she had also wanted hashbrowns w/gravy, of which she NEVER got, she ordered white toast & got sour dough toast, the crape' was served with jelly, instead of fruit. the milk i ordered was SOUR, my other grandson ordered another hot chocolate of which he NEVER got, they give you half a teaspoon of jelly for two pieces of toast (didn't go far!). we had to pay for the gravy on my daughters hashbrowns "THAT SHE NEVER GOT", FINALLY I HAD HAD ENOUGH, I ASKED FOR THE MANAGER", i tried to explain what had gone on since we had arrived, he got very upset and said well it looks to me like you just complaining to hear yourself, i promtly told him look "i'm not asking you to adjust the check or give me something for nothing, i just think we should have got better food & service, he told me, look we've been in the valley since 1948 & your the only one that feels this way. I finally told him just bring me the check & we'll leave, i could see him bitching to another coworker about us, i went up asked for the bill, he handed it to me & i paid the $76.45, for five people, when he handed me the change, he said "would you like change for the $20.00 so you can leave the waitress a tip, I promply told him "heres the tip, "tell her to get a job at a better place, with better food & she'll get all the tips she can handle", I have never been to such a place that the manager would treat anyone like this, my whole family has been in the food business and never would my mother have let anyone walk out of her resturant after getting such crap food, my mother is a very well respected cook in this valley and even she was apalled at the treatment we recieved from here. needless to say I would never waste my time going back to this place, as for the manager, he should really take some classes on how to handle himself in public. two thumbs down!! thanks for nothing, colleen k. marriott of boise idaho

Posted by colleen marriott on 10/18/2010 at 12:49 AM

Two strikes and they are out!
My husband and I decided to try The Griddle in Eagle the morning after our anniversary last year for a romantic and delicious breakfast. It turned out to be lifeless and un"flavor"able. The wait-staff was like trying to order from a group zombies that still reserved their wrongful air of pretentiousness. Not only did they seem to be completely terrible at their jobs but snubbed the customers in the meantime. The potato dish that is their specialty was nothing “special” at all but rather a tasteless pile of mush that was so overpriced that I forced myself to choke it down regardless of my aversion. Today some of our family decided to try it again, this time in Meridian, and once again we were met with the same disappointment. Although the service was better than the self-important, slightly undead that we had the pleasure of meeting the time before, is was still not quite up to par. The biscuits and gravy tasted like dry cardboard covered in paste adorned by Styrofoam eggs. We were so hungry that we were attempting to swallow the food before it could touch our taste buds when the server asked how everything tasted. Ask and you shall receive. She got to hear just how unsatisfied we were with our food and her response was quite surprising to me (having been a server myself years ago). Her cure for the nauseating food was to pour some more paste on top of it. My husband and I finished what we could avoiding the undercooked eggs, and gave the server our credit card so we could get out of there as soon as possible. We received our ticket after paying and realized that our group of 5 adults and 2 small children was charged a 20% gratuity on the order, we were charged for the extra paste that we needed to wet down the cardboard biscuits, and the “special” that my mother ordered was definitely a “special” price of a whopping $9 for 3 pieces of French toast! All I can say is that we definitely don’t need a strike 3 on this one!

Posted by Azziesmama on 10/20/2010 at 5:30 PM
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