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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Private Property Owners



(Boise) -- The U.S. Supreme Court was sharply divided in their 5-4 ruling that now allows local government politicians to grab land using eminent domain authority for purposes other than public uses. Private land developers now can use their local politicians to force property owners off their land to make way for large planned developments.

In the case Kelo v. The City of New London, CT. pitted private Connecticut home-owners against the city and a group of commercial developers seeking to construct a massive mixed use development. According to the majority opinion authored by Justice John Paul Stevens, the city's need for greater tax revenue was a sufficient public purpose to justify the takings.

Laird Maxwell, chairman of Idahoans for Tax Reform said, "This horrid ruling now mean no individual's property is safe from the government land grabbers. Your home is now the government's castle, when they want it."

In a statewide e-mail to Idahoans for Tax Reform members and subscribers, Maxwell urged members to immediately contact the Idaho Congressional Delegation and ask them, "in the strongest terms you feel comfortable with," to swiftly introduce a constitutional amendment that protects property owners from government economic development schemes.

Maxwell wrote: "I urge you not to delay. It is very important that citizens from across the nation immediately object to this new ability for the local government politicians to grab your land and give it to their big contributing cronies. We will do our part from Idaho, with your action."


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