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Sun Valley or Bust

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Money is tight ... there's no time ... it's too far ... excuses, excuses, excuses. We all come up with so many reasons not to get away, even on a mini vacation, that it's a wonder we ever leave our offices at all.

But for those in Boise, having a world-class getaway just two hours up the road means we have no excuse not to get away. It's a place where days spent on single track trails lead to gourmet meals and concerts under the stars.

This is the second edition of Boise Weekly's Wood River Valley Summer Guide, your go-to source for planning your a weekend or mini-vacation.

We're knocking down every excuse you can think of to stay home this summer: Check the concert schedule filled with big names, prepare to peruse the arts scene, start training now for some of the biggest destination recreation competitions around.

We are even giving you locals' choices for where to eat, broken down not only by town but also by budget point. What more could you want? A full schedule of events? Well, that's in here, too.

Now that there's no excuse not to go, start planning. We'll probably see you up there.


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