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Presidential Debate Trash-Talk Kicks Off on Twitter With #CantAffordMore, #AdmitItMitt

The presidential debate chatter is in full force on Twitter


The online chatter about tonight's final presidential debate on foreign policy is in full swing, with hash tags #CantAfford4More and #AdmitItMitt spurring feisty comments from either side.

Both hashtags are inspiring their fair share of jabs both for and against each candidate.

"Foreign policy is a little bit different from domestic policy. In domestic policy you’re trying to see whether the candidate agrees with you or whether you agree with him. It’s often a checklist of things: abortion, the economy, taxes," CNN's Fareed Zakaria said Monday.

"Foreign policy is really a prism through which people look at the character of the person, the values, the strength, the consistency. So it is important, but not in a direct way in the way that domestic policy is."

Here, some of the best uses of these trending tags:


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