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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Buzzes Into Boise

Friday, June 21 at VAC



Celebrated director Quentin Tarantino didn't go to film school. He got a job in a video store and taught himself.

Aly Spaltro took the same tack, except she was learning music instead of filmmaking.

Spaltro used her shifts at a Maine DVD rental store as time to practice and write the dark, meandering folk songs that would eventually be recorded on her debut album, Ripely Pine. Spaltro says she took a lot of inspiration from the horror section--and it shows.

Ripely Pine is as cinematic as it is musical. Some songs on the album have the frighteningly distant and dreamy quality of a David Lynch film, while others seamlessly switch things up to horn-fueled indie pop ballads frosted with Spaltro's bluesy vocals.

With Torres and Aaron Mark Brown. 8 p.m., $7. Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., Garden City, 208-424-8297,


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