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Hot Buttered Rum

Thursday, March 8, at Visual Arts Collective



San Fransisco five-piece Hot Buttered Rum is as warm, frothy and sweet as the drink of the same name. Stuck together by mutual bluegrass proclivities, the band members' dulcet tones sneak up on you like a stiff drink. Comprised of Aaron Redner on fiddle, mandolin and lead vocals, Bryan Horne on bass, Erik Yates on banjo, flute and dobro, Nat Keefe on guitar and Lucas Carlton on percussion, Hot Buttered Rum creates a sound with myriad nooks and crannies to get happily lost in. On Thursday, March 8, the band will hit Visual Arts Collective with co-headliners Cornmeal.

The band's self-stated goal is to create a "new Northern California sound," an ambitious target that the group has been hell-bent on hitting. The butter boys are currently touring the country and simultaneously working on a forthcoming release with producer Steve Berlin.

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