Heck at War

| May 24, 2006

In the last year, we've run war-related news and cover stories from all over the journalistic spectrum. We've interviewed conscientious objectors, deserters and opponents of recruitment in schools. We've also addressed cracks in veteran's mental health care, parents watching their children come of age in combat and, since 2003, we've been the only local news source to run updates of U.S. casualties in Iraq. But what still strikes me most are our readers' responses. I often receive letters insisting that printing casualty counts is disrespectful to soldiers. Or, in the case of Rachael Daigle's no-nonsense interview with army deserter Robin Long, I read on our Web site that for us to print the interview at all meant we were "completely snowed" by a "self-important, gutless turd."

Keep it coming. When we get called names and assailed with anonymous phone calls, we know we're doing our job and spurring local dialogue into areas that might otherwise be overlooked, internalized or ignored. I can't wait to see how our polyphony of pundits respond to this week's Memorial Day cover story.

--Nicholas Collias


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We have people with blinders that don't want to know the hypocrisy and criminal actions of who they voted for. Forced to live in fear of retribution and absorbed by corporate rhetoric, what can we expect? The news is and has always been tilted in favor of big business. So it’s natural that people question BW or other independent news sources that don’t heed to corporate advertisement dollars. People just don’t get it and I can’t blame them, because of where they get the news. It’s the PR spin that drives the attention away from the criminal and treasonous robbery of the constitution and our tax dollars. So instead of the news reporting the disease, the corporate news spins or creates a divisive symptom, (Red vs. Blue state, conservative vs. liberal, Democrat vs. Republican, red or orange alert, prayer in school, flag burning, gay marriage, illegal aliens, they hate us for our freedom, abortion etc….). It takes the spot light off of their criminal actions. The deregulation area under Reagan set the tone for corporate conglomerate world control over energy, the workforce, resources and the Media; it’s called the WTO, (World Trade Organization). What we get from corporate media is how good deregulation, trickle down economics and giving tax breaks to the wealthiest are good for America. But the wealthiest few kept getting richer and the majority continues to lose more and more public programs and worker rights that we once benefited from. As our salaries plummet the upper elites’ salaries have soared. Thank goodness we have some what of a free voice amongst the mass corporative media. NPR, Free speech TV, Democracy Now etc…are owned by the public. Yet I hear so many people criticize these news outlets like they’re the communist whose goal is to destroy their way of life! Our publicly owned news does just the opposite and reports why we’re losing our country to bottom line international interest. It’s a battle that’s been around for decades. Corporations don’t like having people in charge policing their business practices, workers rights and the environmental impacts from some of their bad business practices. This doesn’t sound like a communist plot, it sounds like people who care where the hell we are going under corporative policies. Bottom line ethics won’t fix the environment, pollution, deforestation, dying oceans, exploited human rights, inflated medical insurance, chemically grown foods, bad water and unnecessary wars from those who profit from them. It’s up to the people to regulate and set the policies, not Enron, Halliburton and a host of other blatant disruptors of our constitution. The people who sell the war most, profit from it best and they don’t have to sacrifice a dam thing: We do! It’s in all of our best interest to support publicly owned news and support all open forums to question the corporate decision makers who do so behind close doors. That is the communist plot. Having our policies open to the public for discussion and allowed to be voted on by the public is what Democracy is all about. Just look around at the local level. No accountability with all of our elected pro-growth, pro-business cronies, who gave us nothing but increased traffic jams, high cost property taxes and over crowded schools. Ed Abbey once wrote: “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of Cancer”! The treasure valley is under siege by the growth industries. They don’t want public input. You’re not an American when you bully communities into satisfying your wealthy appetite. “Kempthornification” what a freak’n joke. Now he’s off to DC joining up with the rest of his egotistical corporate cronies. God save us from this headless greed of insanity!

Posted by Don Benedetto on 05/26/2006 at 12:39 PM
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