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Duck Eggs Benedict at Le Cafe De Paris


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Many people know eggs Benedict as quasi-fancy fare made with toasted English muffins, thin Canadian bacon slices and sunny-side-up eggs, all doused with a runny yellow sauce loosely deemed Hollandaise. Leave it to the French chefs at Le Cafe de Paris to restore eggs Benedict to the lofty heights from where it once commanded breakfast respect.

Le Cafe's heavenly dish starts with two brioche biscuits sturdy enough to bear the weight of the stacked ingredients, yet sill flaky and tender on the tooth. Next are thick, savory slices of high quality Kurobuta ham from Snake River Farms. Then, two silky duck eggs, cooked over-medium, that jiggle sumptuously when the plate is set on the table. Hollandaise sauce rich with the flavor of butter and eggs is drizzled gently over the whole ensemble.

Continue the indulgence by complementing the dish with a Kir Royal (Champagne and creme de Cassis) or a Kir Imperial (Champagne and raspberry liqueur) and breakfast becomes not only the most important meal of the day but also the most decadent.


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