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Dead to Fall: The Phoenix Throne



Dead to Fall: The Phoenix Throne

Dead to Fall made the right choice in naming their album The Phoenix Throne because any Harry Potter fan knows that a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. The album may be entitled The Phoenix Throne because Dead to Fall managed to rise from the ashes when the majority of the band was replaced, but even if it isn't, the album title is appropriate.

As I listened to the dark rhythms pound in my ears, the fast-paced beat soared through my body, electrifying it with energy until I had no choice but to tap the beat out. This band doesn't just energize and awaken the body. Like the phoenix on the CD's cover, it can make the muse of those who work with dark themes rise from the ashes; it will ignite an imagination that's become worn. The lyrics are often unintelligible, but the hint of words being whispered or spoken in the dark is enough to keep both the musers and metalcore fans interested. And if lyrics are important to the listener, they easily become interpretable by looking up the lyrics in the book provided with the CD. New and old fans won't be disappointed in having spent a few bucks on this well-written, well-played release.


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