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Bowerbirds for Boise Blokes

Friday, Oct. 26 at Neurolux



The indie world is rife with folk bands, many of which seem intent on moving the style back in time instead of forward. But Bowerbirds are a different story.

The North Carolina band dodges many of the pitfalls of modern folk music by openly accepting that it is 2012 and crafting its own modern style.

The songs on Bowerbirds' new album, The Clearing, are alternately minor-key ruminations on profound emotions and shuffling existential ballads garnished with big indie-rock flourishes of guitar and orchestration.

Ambient echoes of electric guitar and sparse piano chords turn the song "Brave World" into far more than a simple folk tune.

Catch Bowerbirds at Neurolux Friday, Oct. 26, and you may see that folk doesn't necessarily mean traditional.

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