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Boise Bike Swap Beckons Two-Wheeled Enthusiasts

Saturday, Feb. 25



The late President John F. Kennedy once said, "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." How right he was. As the New Englander knew, a bike ride is nothing without the proper steed. Fortunately, the event of the year for bike enthusiasts is coming to Boise. The Boise Bike Swap will help put more cyclists on the right ride and in the requisite nylon shorts on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Sellers will assemble to talk shop and sell all things bike at the Cole Village shopping center. If you're looking to replace that toothless sprocket or swap out those sub-par shifters for a new shiny pair of Shimanos, this is the time and place.

The deets are simple: pay a $30 fee to showcase the gear you want to sell at a dedicated table with seating for two. Sellers can purchase more than one table, grouped together for a larger floor presence if they have a huge pile of stuff to unload.

If you have a garishly colored, Pabst Blue Ribbon-themed fixed gear to unload (anonymously, we hope), you can admit your ride to the bike corral. Admission to the corral is $10 per bike, and includes the $3 entry fee to the event.

There is availability for day-of rentals, but space fills up fast, so it's best to act early.

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