Treefort Monster's Story Told via Scavenger Hunt


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Sarah Masterson is installing a short story around downtown as part of Treefort.
  • Josh Gross
  • Sarah Masterson is installing a short story around downtown as part of Treefort.

Boiseans attending Treefort this weekend will spend much of the weekend wandering from venue to venue, searching for their new or old favorite band.

But in addition to the music, they will also be able to wander around searching for pieces of a short story about the festival's mascot, the Treefort Monster. The story comes courtesy of local artist and writer Sarah Masterson, whose turns of phrase have been featured in the pages of BW as both a freelancer and winner of our annual Fiction 101 contest. Masterson is installing pressboard squares—like giant scrabble tiles—throughout downtown that people can follow from location to location as they string together the complete 75-word short story.

After working on the video series that went along with the festival's promotional videos, Masterson decided she wanted to give more of a back story to the festival's mascot, the Treefort Monster.

"I hope the story is tender but also haunting," she said. "Hanging each sentence separately fit the idea of the monster theme because Treefortgoers will be piecing together the story as they come across these sentences almost like a trail of clues."

Masterson also said that key to the experience of a music festival like Treefort is turning the corner and finding a band or venue you hadn't been to, and she hopes the story will add to that experience.

"The story will hopefully instill the same feeling, surprising you as you walk around," she said.

The first sentence of the story will be at Main Stage and its conclusion will be found at The Linen Building. The rest you'll just have to find on your own.


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