Artists Fill the Knitting Factory for Art in the Bar 8



Artists from around the Treasure Valley crowded together and covered the walls of the Knitting Factory Feb. 17 for Art in the Bar 8.

Every style of art imaginable—from jewelry to tattoos to painted mannequins to robots made out of household appliances—was on display, transforming the Knitting Factory from concerthouse into a maze of artwork.

This February marked the eighth iteration of the event, which was presented by Dead Bird Local Art and Framing, and featured work by Green Chutes Artists Co-op members, along with other individuals.

“You can tell the difference between the two,” joked Lukas Evergreen. “The artists with work at Green Chutes have their work all framed, and the ones who came for Art in the Bar just have theirs hanging.”

One of Evergreen's expressionist pieces, an enormous page covered in abstract Elvis faces, was hung from spring clamps off the low-hanging ceiling.

Art lovers and drink lovers alike came to revel in the weaving walls of prints and paintings, which filled the Knitting Factory's different levels.

“It’s been a great turnout. Everyone’s selling a lot of prints,” said Evergreen.

Evergreen attributes some of the success of Art in the Bar 8 to the change from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon.

“This Sunday thing is really working out,” said Evergreen. “It’s been really successful, I think because people don’t have anything to do on Sundays.”

If you missed Art in the Bar this time around, you can expect another event to take place later this year at the Knitting Factory.

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