World's Most Expensive Coffee Passes Through Elephants


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You may have gasped when you heard that select Starbucks stores were offering a rare Costa Rican Geisha blend for a whopping $7 per cup or $40 for a half-pound bag of beans. But that brew ain’t got nothing on the world’s reigning most expensive coffee champion.

According to the Smartnews blog at, two cups of Black Ivory coffee will set you back $50, while a 1-pound bag of beans runs $500. With prices like that, you don’t really need caffeine to wake up.

What could possibly make a bean so special that it warrants dipping into your child’s college education fund to get a fix? It’s passed through the digestive system of an Asian elephant.

The coffee comes from northern Thailand, where a herd of elephants munches on the coffee beans, allowing their digestive system to work on them for 15-30 hours before they’re "released" back into the environment. Workers then harvest whatever manages to survive being chewed and eaten by an elephant from the dung.

Sound a little unsavory? Some would disagree. The initial 150-pound batch sold out. Guess we’ll have to get on the 2013 wait list.



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