Video: Startup Lets Users Rent Their Cars to Strangers


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Care to rent Damiens Peugeot?
  • Buzzcar
  • Care to rent Damien's Peugeot?

In Boise, car-sharing programs aren't new.

Enterprise piloted a Nissan Cube into downtown Boise as part of its WeCar program, and Boise State University features a fleet of four vehicles available through ZipCar.

Now, Robin Chase, the founder of ZipCar, has launched a new venture to take car sharing a step further, morphing it into a communal system. In a TED talk published Dec. 17, Chase outlines her French company Buzzcar, a startup that helps users loan out their own cars to strangers.

In true TED fashion, Chase's presentation isn't just about Buzzcar—though she talks about the unique situation of insuring the vehicles—but also about how the business differs from a model of "industrial production," creating instead "peer production," in which resources are shared among communities.

Would you loan out your car to make a quick buck? Check Chase's presentation below.


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