Mustang Complex Fire As Seen From Space



You may know the National Aeronautics and Space Administration—NASA for short—best for some trip it made back in 1969.

But the nerds at the nation's only space-exploration agency also serve up images of our own planet via it's Earth Observatory project. Earlier this year, NASA captured Idaho's wildfire season from space, showing plumes of smoke billowing out over the Gem State.

But another picture went overlooked. Using a satellite's infrared eyeballs, NASA acquired a nighttime photograph that showed not only smoke plumes from the Mustang Complex Fire, but the blazing-hot centers of the blaze. Boise Weekly went in-depth on the 2012 fire season in the Dec. 12 feature.

Take a look at the photos, courtesy of President Eisenhower's pet project.

Idahos Mustang Complex Fire as seen from space.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration Earth Observatory
  • Idaho's Mustang Complex Fire as seen from space.

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