Bill Maher Shows Boise his 'Wide Stance'

Posted by Josh Gross on Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 11:00 AM

Idaho may be one of the reddest states, but you wouldn't have know it in The Morrison Center on Saturday, Aug. 18.

A capacity crowd leapt to its feet, screaming, when comedian Bill Maher walked on stage, and it didn't quiet down much when audience members retook their seats a minute later.

"It is hard to get here," Maher cracked.

He then spent nearly two hours tearing apart Idaho's two chief industries—Republicans and religion—and waxing comedic about all manner of current events.

"Of course, Democrats are disappointing," he said. "That is what the D stands for, disappointment. Republicans use an R because that is the noise a pirate makes when he robs you."

But because he is disappointed in Democrats doesn't mean Maher, who contributed $1 million to President Barack Obama's campaign, is giving up on him.

"Obama is half black and half white," Maher said. "I think the first term was the white term and the second will be the black term."

Maher then encouraged the president to run with it and grow an afro. He also referred to his current performance tour as his "making back my million tour."

But the biggest laughs of the evening came when Maher went after former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig. He dropped into the infamous "wide stance" to explain that America is still so homophobic that Craig would rather claim this position was how he pooped in a public bathroom than admit he might be gay. The crowd roared for nearly a minute.

"I think I might be stuck," Maher said, trying to stand up when the bit ended.

The only awkward moment of the evening came when Maher started a bit on things Mormons believe, realizing as the words came out of his mouth how heavily Mormon Boise is, and fumbling the first sentence. But he quickly recovered and had even skeptical audience members roaring with laughter about Mormon claims on the afterlife.

As much a pep talk for sanity and potty mouths as it was a comedy show, Maher was a welcome breath of a foul air. When he finished his set, he got his second standing ovation of the evening.

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I wouldnt pee on that moron if he was on fire he is nasty foul mouth idiot I cant believe poeple spend money to see that creep I am sure there is a nice hot place waiting for him in hell

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Posted by dreamer612 on 08/19/2012 at 11:33 AM

A very sad reminder who gutless people on the left have become. As for people like Mr. Maher and those who follow him, I'm sure God will show them His sense of humor around the time they're trying to collect on more of those promised Obama entitlements. I'm proud to live in a Red State where people like Mr. Maher have to pay to have people listen to them. Shame on you!

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Posted by Doingtherightthing on 08/19/2012 at 11:38 AM

It was a great show, Maher was hilarious and scored some great points against the far right wing and extreme religious ideas.

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Posted by cindygross on 08/19/2012 at 11:38 AM

This was an awesome show and a breathe of fresh air!!! Was great being in a room full of like minded people in a state that constantly embarrasses its self!!! And don't get me wrong, I love Idaho, I am native, but sometimes this dumbing down of America reaches new heights right here!!! I hope he comes back on a regular basis..I never miss Real Time but it was great to have him in "real time" right in front of me!!! Thanks Boise Weekly!!!

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Posted by reezie on 08/19/2012 at 11:45 AM

For all you people who think god has a place reserved for Bill in hell, guess what? Neither one of those two things exist.

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Posted by Travis X. Abbott on 08/19/2012 at 11:52 AM

Ummm actually the line was " Republicans use an R because that is the noise a pirate makes when he robs you AND FUCKS YOU IN THE ASS. much better that way! Maher is brave and says how it is without worrying about the consequences. I LOVE HIM! Couple things he did NOT spend the whole time talking about ID. Maybe 5 mins or so! I do not think anyone in the audience had an issue with the Mormon talk. I think they were just like WTF they believe that shit! Hey if the Right can have Beck, O'Reily and Mann Coulter then we have have Maher!

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Posted by kimbercutes824 on 08/19/2012 at 12:29 PM

God and heaven definitely exist -- my momma told me right after she told me about Santa Claus. I no longer believe in Santa Claus, of course. The evidence was always just hearsay and imagery, and it turned out she was using him to get me to behave a certain way. It would be so silly to believe anything like that as a grownup.

In Christ,


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Posted by Shane on 08/19/2012 at 12:35 PM

Bill is Real! The hatred and ignorance harbored by those who believe in the imaginary man in the sky, or the one who lives on planet Kolob(or is it kohlrabi), is irrational and sociopathic!

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Posted by bdsbjmin on 08/19/2012 at 12:48 PM

"I'm proud to live in a Red State where people like Mr. Maher have to pay to have people listen to them." Bill Maher paid the sold out crowd to listen to him? I don't think so...

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Posted by Ellen on 08/19/2012 at 1:39 PM

The show was great! I love Bill Maher and appreciate him coming to Boise. For all you "Christians" who like to judge, maybe you should read your bible some more.....I don't think you're getting it right. For the record I wish he would have spent more time calling out the bullshit of the Mormon religion.

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Posted by Katherine Morter on 08/19/2012 at 1:54 PM

What a refreshing evening with Bill Maher. It was also wonderful to be in a room full of thinking people who don't buy the BS spewed by all the far right wing nuts!!

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Posted by goooD on 08/19/2012 at 2:30 PM

We're all entitled to our opinions, and I'm glad he has enough fans here to make it worth his while. But seriously, Maher fans, go live your lives, and afford us, your neighbors, the same freedom. Nothing in our great state is keeping you from being happy, except yourselves. The reaction to judgmental people, should not be judgmental. "Christians" and "Liberals" both do that too much.
Shut up, and enjoy life!

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Posted by Matt on 08/19/2012 at 3:34 PM

Fabulous show! Just wish it was longer. Can't wait to welcome him to Boise again in the future. Thanks, Bill! See you Friday night.

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Posted by anonymous on 08/19/2012 at 11:30 PM

Sat next to redneck jackass who shouted out a few times against Bill but he was completely ignored - as he deserved to be. At $65 a seat the jerk spent $130 to be miserable.for two hours. He could have just stayed home, slammed a door on a finger and been miserable for free. Not too bright the right, but then we already knew that, didn't we?

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Posted by BLM on 08/20/2012 at 10:53 AM

We weren't able to get tickets and we would have driven all the way from IF if it wasn't already sold out. But next time, I'll be in the crowd loving and agreeing with him! Thanks for a review that at least let me know how it was!

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Posted by Theresa R Eaman on 08/21/2012 at 12:37 PM

Dreamer 612 you must be a moron

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Posted by Lisa Hoffman on 08/21/2012 at 12:41 PM

Can't believe there are so many grown people who take the bible literally. "Bill Maher has a place for him in hell for making fun of religion".. Man that's rich. All you folks from hideaway places in red states should be putting all that misplaced passion into bolstering our society and conserving our heaven here on earth.

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Posted by Michael LaCroix on 08/21/2012 at 12:48 PM

Unbelievable how good christian or religious people on the right are at turning what they are, horrible, hypocritical, fearful, ignorant, endowed, entitled, and of course always right, against the people like Bill Maher who ask, simply, for you to think! The sad truth my ignorant, repressed friends is no matter what you believe, your wrong. Get over your fear and tear down the walls between us. We are more than willing to have discussion, if you open your mind. Christians always say open your mind to Jesus and close it to the world for you are no longer of the world, or something close to that, and that is exactly true. As soon as you believe that in your heart, your no longer allowed an equal voice in this discussion, because you are a closed door. As any adult will tell a child who believes in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy; there comes a time to grow the fuck up!

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Posted by Andrew Small on 08/21/2012 at 12:50 PM

Saw Bill in Houston the very next night. Great show there, too!

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Posted by Brian Jones on 08/21/2012 at 12:54 PM

You go Bill. The truth, even in comedic form almost gives some of these tight a**ed conservative types a stroke event when they comment. It's a hoot. The sad thing is, they can't even be humiliated into acting like they have sense.

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Posted by snapdragon on 08/21/2012 at 12:58 PM

Republitards, kneel down and worship the true gOD-Bill Maher. Religion is evolved Myth. gOD comes from religion. Those are "facts" for you uneducated, ignorant religious sheeple. If 1% of you understand what I am about to type, I would be surprised. I will explain where gOD comes from. Here goes... The individual human brain has to explain a phenomenon in order to comprehend and relate to it. This activity predates by far the emergence of language and may have caused it. The theory is, belief in the supernatural emerges from hypotheses arbitrarily assumed by individuals to explain natural phenomena that cannot be explained otherwise. The resulting need to share individual hypotheses with others leads eventually to collective religious belief. A socially accepted hypothesis becomes dogmatic backed by social sanction. The bible is a book of complex Myths, poetry, proverbs etc. It is what it is folks.

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Posted by Robert Bootier on 08/21/2012 at 12:59 PM

Bill Maher is fantastic. Smart, hilarious & progressive. He rips religion a new one because religion is toxic & dangerous, not because he likes to hurt people's feelings. He points out all that's wrong with religion & how it holds back civilization. Yeah, he doesn't pull any punches why should he? Dumb people & dumb things deserve to be mocked. Mormonism is possibly the most absurd of all the Christian sects. If you blindly follow ANY religion, you are a FOOL. Open your eyes to the world around you!

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Posted by SilverSparkle on 08/21/2012 at 1:00 PM

Bill Maher is funny as hell! Apparently, he brings in numbers as Real Time has just been renewed by HBO for nine more seasons. Ha. Go Bill.

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Posted by Janet Burns on 08/21/2012 at 1:05 PM

I'm from the north east (horror of horrors, I know!), but I'm really impressed with how receptive the folks are in Boise to Bill Maher. A lot of the hatred directed towards BM is a reflection of the mirror he holds up to society that most people would rather not see. I think it was Mark Twain (could be wrong here) who said, and I'm paraphrasing, that it is easier to convince someone of something that's untrue than it is to convince them that that something is untrue.

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Posted by Spronjulator on 08/21/2012 at 1:11 PM

His show was awesome and the guy has some serious balls to come to such a far-red state! I have neighbors that still call Obama the "Ni**er President" and claim he's nothing but a muslim come to ruin our country. Whatever, idiots. I was really impressed to see that Maher's show was sold-out and how supportive the audience was. Honestly, I didn't think there were that many folks in this town who feel the same way I do!

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Posted by Orchid333 on 08/21/2012 at 1:12 PM
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