Wondering What Your Taxes Pay For?


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El hefe President Barack Obama promised America a thing or 16 whilst running for office. And according to Politifact's Obamameter, his record is better than his detractors give him credit for. Only 12 percent of his promises have been broken. Not too shabby, considering Politifact is tracking more than 500 of the little devils.

One pledge was to give taxpayers increased transparency by creating an online taxpayer receipt. And that is one more pledge Politifact can slap "promise kept" on. Said online receipt is now live on the net.

Go to whitehouse.gov/2011-taxreceipt, enter in how much you paid in taxes and it will give you a breakdown of where that money went.

Spoiler alert: We hope you love defense spending so much you want to marry it, and don't give a rat's ass about science or responding to natural disasters before you look at the numbers.



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