25 Days of Treefort: Of Montreal




Originally, Of Montreal turned down the offer to play Treefort Music Fest. The band couldn’t make it work in the context of a grueling tour schedule. But festival promoter Eric Gilbert decided to give it one more shot, and called up OM’s agents to ask again. The band’s people worked out a deal to fly in a new bus driver, so it could fit in an extra show.

“They basically made a huge exception to make it happen,“ said Gilbert.

When BW spoke to Of Montreal main man Kevin Barnes earlier this month, he expressed excitement at the prospect of playing Boise.

“We played Boise forever ago, just a small little club and nobody knew who we were,” said Barnes. "It was kind of awkward. So for years now, we’ve been driving through Boise to get to Seattle or Denver or whatever, so it’s kind of cool that we finally get the chance to play."

Of Montreal is headlining today, Sunday, March 25, on Treefort’s Main Stage from 8:30-10 p.m. The visual production of the show will match the bombast of the band’s music, which features glamorous layers of electronics, over-the-top production and carnival-esque orchestrations.

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