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As anyone who stopped by The Idaho Discovery Center over the weekend to see the Boise Bot Battle should know, humanity's end at the claws of our robot nemesis is bloody well nigh.

And that means you gotta get your post-apocalyptic skill set down pat.

Like, for example, what are you going to eat when our food system has been converted to making servo lubricants and solar power? Sardines? Blech, no thanks.

Instead, you're going to need to learn to forage like a greater or lesser kudu.

So today, why not do exactly that?

The Idaho Native Plant Society will be meeting at the MK Nature Center today to hear "The Hungry 100 Miles," a story from Kerry McClay, about how he and five other backpackers made their way from Boise to Redfish Lake, eating only food that they were able to forage along the way.

Listen. Learn. Survive when the robots strike.

The meeting is free and at 7 p.m. Missing it may cost you.


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