A Real-Life Thomas Crown Affair: Missing Modern Art



Last night's Modern Art show brought together throngs of artists, artist enthusiasts and, evidently, at least one thief.

Dick Lee, who has been working in Boise for the past 20 years, was dismayed when he discovered that a piece he had on display in room 109 at the Modern Hotel during the festivities wasn't in his trailer with his other pieces this morning.

The missing work was a painting of Venice with a Christmas tree in a gondola. Lee created the piece for his youngest daughter, and she lent it back to him to display at the show.

Lee said he hasn't filed a police report, because he isn't sure "how the police would even trace something like that." He informed the Modern Hotel that it's missing, and hopes that it will be returned there anonymously.

"I'm just so surprised because I really enjoyed the [show] last night," Lee said. "Everybody was really pleasant and asking a lot of informed questions. But you get 15-20 people in a little room, and it's easy for something to go missing, I guess."

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