Even Jewel Knows: There Ain't No "Z" in Boise


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There's always been one sure way to tell if someone is a local or a visitor in Boise: Just ask them to pronounce it. If they put a "Z" in there, they're not from here.

I've actually had arguments with friends from back East about the proper pronunciation of the city's name (I usually won after pointing out that I grew up here and might know better than they). We even dedicated a portion of the Annual Manual to the pronunciation debate.

But if there is still anyone quibbling about "Boy-Zee" vs. "Boy-See" just turn to the great moderator of pop music: Jewel. The musician recorded this little number earlier this year while performing at the Idaho Botanical Garden during their Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series.

Remember, there ain't no "Z" in Boise.


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