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¡Viva la Robocop!
  • Josh Gross
  • ¡Viva la Robocop!
Today is the last working day of The Boise Mural Art Project. That means this afternoon and evening, dozens of artists will be working furiously to finish their paintings before the deadline at midnight tonight, a process which anyone is free to stop in and observe.

And while some who rest more on the fartsy than artsy side of things might wonder why they should care, know that the atmosphere there over the last several days has been electric; the kind of energy that's rare to encounter and wondrous to experience. Being surrounded by that much creativity, watching giant colorful images of Robocop, Bob Dylan, zombies, mustaches, skateboards, elephants, bicycles and more come into existence right before your eyes is a moving experience. Strolling through that garage is about the closest thing Boise may ever get to visiting Andy Warhol's infamous factory.

But if you can't make it by this evening, make sure to stop by sometime tomorrow for the big opening with live music from Neo Tundra Cowboy, Voice of Reason, Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats and Equaleyes, as well as a raffle to benefit ArtFaire, who provide art supplies and education to underprivileged youth.

  • Josh Gross


  • Josh Gross

  • Josh Gross


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