Livin' the D: Nolan Thomas, "Yo Little Brother"



Surely Nolan Thomas thought this song would be his ticket out of the cardboard jungle that he and Little Brother were trapped in (although clearly Nolan had turned his life around; the geometrically patterned sweater vest and matching socks prove that).

I have a few questions:

Is Little Brother supposed to be Billy Idol?

Why is Little Brother wearing a Clara Peller wig? (I don't even know what to say about Nolan's hair. Nolan's strange, peach-colored hair.)

Why does Nolan sing "Yo, Little Brother / you gonna get it from your dad and your mother?" Don't they have the same parents? Is that why Little Brother is running the streets with mini Ric Ocasek, mini Bruce Springsteen, mini Prince and mini Cyndi Lauper?

Nolan Thomas, aka Marko Kalfa, has a Myspace page, but he hasn't logged in since 2006. I have to go lie down now.

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