Fish and Game: Mountain Lion Killed Terrier in Southeast Boise Backyard



A mountain lion pounced on and attacked two dogs in a Southeast Boise backyard in the early morning of May 22, killing one and wounding the other, according to a report from KTVB Channel 7.

Loralee Bafford let her two pups, Buddy and Holly, into her backyard around 5:30 a.m. May 22. She heard a small yelp, she told KTVB, and went outside with a baseball bat to investigate. Bafford managed to scare the cat away by hitting the fence with the bat.

Idaho Fish and Game officers found Holly dead near the backyard. Officers said the bite marks on Holly and Buddy are consistent with those of a mountain lion, but have yet to find the animal.

"It could be anywhere," Evin Oneale of IDFG told reporters.

In May 2012, Boise Police shot and killed a mountain lion near Boise State University, after the cat eluded officials for weeks, frightening residents and taking down a deer near the densely-populated Warm Springs Boulevard.

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