BW Video Preview: Idaho Lawman Mulling 'Posse' of Armed Citizens



While a cache of gun-related measures have surfaced at the Statehouse as the 2013 Idaho Legislature considers Second Amendment rights, a number of Gem State county sheriffs haven't been shy about their thoughts surrounding weapons.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue made headlines in January, when he told constituents that he was not inclined to uphold firearms restrictions signed as executive orders by President Barack Obama.

But perhaps the most controversial statement—and least reported—may have come out of Payette County, where County Sheriff Chad Huff told his constituents that he was mulling the creation of an armed posse.

"Yes, I've had a posse proposal sitting on my desk for a while," said Huff. "I'm seriously looking at keeping a list of armed citizens if the need arises."

Huff also told a room full of supporters that sheriffs were best prepared to interpret the highest law of the land.

"We, as sheriffs, have to decide upon ourselves if laws are unconstitutional," he said.

In Wednesday's Boise Weekly, we'll take readers inside that room where Huff made the remarks alongside other county sheriffs who shot from the hip.

[ Video is no longer available. ]

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