Police Blotter: Felony DUIs, Lewd Conduct and Kidnapping


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Robert Croft, 34, is charged with kidnapping and sexual battery of a minor child.

A Boise Man was locked up over the weekend, charged with felony counts of kidnapping and sexual battery of a minor child.

Boise Police said they took 34-year-old Robert Croft into custody on an outstanding warrant following an ongoing investigation into illegal activity that took place in January 2012. Law enforcement said the juvenile victim and the suspect were known to each other.

Steven Paterson, 34, is charged with lewd conduct.

Another Boise man, 34-year-old Steven Paterson, was also arrested on an outstanding warrant. Police said the warrant stemmed from an ongoing investigation into illegal activity that took place in a Boise home on more than one occasion.

Patterson was charged with a felony count of lewd conduct with a juvenile.

Police said they also made a series of felony DUI arrests over the weekend.

Maurice Pryor, 45, is charged with DUI, driving without privileges and marijuana possession.

Maurice Pryor of Boise, 45, was stopped after officers said they spotted his vehicle in the middle of the road with no light on. A search of the suspect's person also revealed marijuana. Police said Pryor failed several field sobriety tests and during the course of the investigation, it was determined the suspect was had suspended driving privileges due to a prior DUI charge.

Alicia Young, 40, is charged with felony DUI.

Alicia Young, 40, of Boise was also charged with felony DUI after failing several field sobriety tests. She had prior DUI convictions.

Tommie Thompson, 36, is charged with felony DUI.

And 36-year-old Tommie Thompson of Boise was charged with felony DUI following a traffic stop Sunday morning, when he failed several field sobriety tests. Police said Thompson had prior DUI convictions.


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