Study Links Long-Term Aspirin Use to Vision Loss



A new study indicates that long-term use of aspirin could lead to age-related macular degeneration. Researchers at Sydney University found that the longer one took aspirin, the greater the chance of losing one's vision to the disease.

“The cumulative incidence of neovascular [age-related macular degeneration] among regular aspirin users was 0.8 percent at 5 years, 1.6 percent at 10 years and 3.7 percent at 15 years; among regular aspirin users, the cumulative incidence was 1.9 percent at 5 years and 9.3 percent at 15 years, respectively,” investigators wrote in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. “Regular aspirin use was significantly associated with an increased incidence of neovascular [age-related macular degeneration].”

The researchers added that people taking aspirin regularly should not change their routine.

Aspirin is taken by millions around the world to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer.


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