Video: Meet Zoo Boise's New Patas Monkeys


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15-month-old Patas monkey Kibibi comes to Zoo Boise from a zoo in Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Patas monkey Kibibi, who is 15 months old, comes to Zoo Boise from a zoo in Syracuse, N.Y.

Wednesday night, Zoo Boise officials welcomed two holiday visitors from Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, N.Y. But unlike the in-laws, these house guests will be staying in Boise indefinitely.

Incas, Zoo Boise's remaining male patas monkey uninjured after a break-in left his partner dead from blunt force trauma, will soon be joined by 23-month-old D.J. and her sister, 15-month-old Kibibi. Officials led press into the zoo's Animal Health Facility today for a brief introduction to the animals.

D.J. and Kibibi rode Delta Air Lines, connecting to Detroit Metro Airport, then Salt Lake City International, before touching down in Boise.

"They got in about 11 p.m. last night," said Zoo Boise Director Steve Burns. "They started eating within just a minute or two after they got here."

According to Burns, that appetite is a good sign. While the female monkeys are used to captivity at their previous home, they remain in quarantine for 30 days so staff can monitor for signs stress and disease.

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