Boise Council To Consider New Cycle Pub Rules



  • Cycle Pub is a 14-seat, pedal-powered bar.

When the Boise City Council meets this coming Tuesday evening, lawmakers will consider a new ordinance to provide oversight on the unusual busines of combining cycling and drinking.

In May, Boise Weekly first introduced readers to Cycle Pub, a Rube Goldberg-esque 14-seat pedal-powered bar, where patron-cyclists are invited to tip a brewski while touring downtown Boise.

In the meantime, a second business, Bike Bar, has hit Boise's downtown using the same concept.

The pubs-on-wheel were legally licensed to operate as touring service vehices, a subset of the City of Boise's Commercial Transportation Vehicle category, but Boise City Code prohibited the businesses from allowing open containers or consumption of alcohol on board.

On Tuesday, City Council members will be asked to amend the City Code to allow alcohol possession and consumption on nonmotorized commercial trasportation vehicles. Idaho Code already allows alcohol possession and consumption on motorized commercial transportation vehicles.

The new ordinance was crafted with input from the owners of the pubs-on-wheels, the City Clerk's Office, the Boise Police Department and the City Attorney's Office.

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