Judge Issues Ruling on Greenbelt Bike Ban


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A judge has issued a ruling on the ongoing dispute between Garden City and the Citizens for an Open Greenbelt (COG) group over a ban on bicycles on a particular patch of the Greenbelt.

Ada County District Judge Cheri Copsey, in a statement on the lawsuit brought by COG against Garden City over the matter, said that COG did not have standing to file suit because they've suffered no "particularized harm" directly.

"The issue is narrow," wrote Copsey. "Until the Court rules on whether the Plaintiff, Citizens for an Open Greenbelt, can meet the requirements to establish standing,┬áthe Court cannot address the merits because standing is fundamental to prosecuting any lawsuit.”

Essentially, the group can't bring a suit against the city, and the Court would have to establish standing in in order for them to have a case.

However, Judge Copsey added that the Court's decision makes no attempt at deciding the issue of whether Garden City should open the Greenbelt to bikes.


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