Idaho Voter Registration Dropping as Population Grows


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In spite of the fact that Idaho's voting age population has grown by more than 60,000 residents since the last presidential election, according to the most recent census numbers there are more than 120,000 fewer registered voters.

The Times News reports today that nearly 79 percent of Idahoans were registered for the 2008 election, but if a vote were to be held today, only about 64 percent of voting-age Idahoans could go to the polls. To reach the 79 percent mark this year, an additional 242,943 people would need to register because of the increase in the general population.

More importantly, a growing number of Idahoans are not registered for any particular political party. Beginning in May, Republicans will require party registration to participate. The Secretary of State's office estimated that 742,000 currently registered voters were not affiliated with a particular party.


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