Financial Review Under Way for Rivers' East Coast Holiday Market



BODO Developer Mark Rivers spent a good amount of time, energy and capital in upstate New York over the holidays, as he launched his inaugural Niagara Holiday Market in the Hooneymoon Capital. But the jury is still out on whether the 36-day event was a success or even if Niagara Falls officials want to hold it again.

One Niagara Falls councilman has asked to see a detailed accounting of the event, which was modeled after European-style holiday marketplaces. The city of Niagara Falls provided $225,000 and New York State kicked in another $225,000 as part of a total market budget of $900,000.

"We've always said that we'll provide a complete report of the financials, as well as the activities and positive imact of the market," Rivers told the Niagara Falls Gazette.

City Council Chairman Sam Fruscione has indicated that Niagara Falls will not be able to contribute any funds toward a 2012 event.


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