Montana Judge Delays Mega-Load Ruling Until October



ExxonMobil will have to wait until sometime in October to see if it will be able to roll nearly 200 mega-loads across U.S. Highway 12 into Montana.

Montana Judge Ray Dayton issued a preliminary injunction on July 19 that blocked the giant oil shipments through Montana on a proposed route to the Kearl Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada. The Missoulian reports that Dayton heard two hours of testimony Thursday on whether he should rescind or modify his order. Missoula County and three environmental groups are fighting the mega-loads in Montana, saying that their state's transportation department's environmental assessment was "insufficient."

Meanwhile, mega-loads of a different order are rolling across U.S. 12 this weekend. Giant pulp evaporators are crawling across the scenic byway on their way to a Weyerhauser pulp mill in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The loads are considerable: 29 feet high, 24 feet wide and 185 feet long.


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