UDPATE: Weiser River Crests at 12+ Feet, Flood Warning Still in Effect



UPDATE: The National Weather Service still has a flood warning in effect for the Weiser River, but the river appears to have crested at 12.2 feet at 11 a.m. this morning. Emergency management officials have reported moderate flooding in and around the town of Weiser.


The Weiser River pushed over the flood stage this morning but the troubling news is that another weather-maker is looming off the Pacific Coast and yet another is flying up from the South Pacific in a La Nina "S" pattern.

The Weiser River flood stage is 9.5 feet. A Washington County sheriff's department spokesman told Citydesk that usually when the water hits the 12.5-foot mark, homes and roads are threatened.

In a February 16 BW feature, we learned that Idaho is poorly prepared for flood. The Federal Emergency Management System reports that only 1.4 percent of Idaho households are covered by flood insurance. The policies typically take 30 days to become effective. FEMA has launched floodsmart.gov as a clearinghouse for flood preparation.


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