Absentee Returns In



Polls are closed and the city has posted absentee vote results ... 2,225 people voted absentee, greatly favoring incumbents Vern Bisterfeldt and Maryanne Jordan. And TJ Thomson in the open Seat 4 is up 1,000 votes at the start of the night. Here are the unofficial absentee returns as of soon after 8 p.m.

City Council Seat #2 - Four Year Term

Vernon L. Bisterfeldt1,72080.56%
Daniel L. Dunham279 13.07%
David A. Honey 136 6.37%

City Council Seat #4 - Four Year Term

David S. Litster591 27.05%
TJ Thomson1,59472.95%

City Council Seat #6 - Four Year Term

Lucas Baumbach308 14.23%
Maryanne Jordan1,62675.10%
David Webb 231 10.67%

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