Best Local Indian Food

Madhuban Indian Cuisine

September 30, 2009

Madhuban's motto is exactly this: "All happiness depends on a leisurely food." Leisure is the hallmark of an excellent Indian dining experience--having the time to savor each rich, potato-and-pea-filled bite of samosa, then letting that settle while you sip on a mango lassi and make room for a hearty plate of chicken tikka masala. But, while that pace might be ideal, it's not always practical. Sometimes, you just want to stuff your face with an inexpensive, yet filling lunch buffet and head on your merry way. Madhuban has you covered in that arena, too. For only $7.99, you can pile your plate high with saag paneer and naan, then duck home for a quick 20-minute snoozer before heading back to work. No Indian meal is complete without a nap.

Second Place: Bombay Grill

Third Place: Taj Mahal


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