Gift Guide 

Give the Gift of... Gifts

I had a weird Christmas ritual as a kid: Every year I would leave one piece of candy or small toy in my stocking at the end of the holiday, to be discovered the next year when it came time to hang the old sock next to the fireplace. It was a present to myself and a way to plant the seed of excitement for the following year's Christmas, even before the tinsel came down on the current one.

Of course, I had to pick something I would forget about during the next 12 months and maybe it was wilful memory loss, but I always did forget.

Aside from giving me practice with self-delusion, that ritual introduced me to the idea that I could be Santa Claus—and that giving is way more fun that receiving, even when you're playing both parts.

Boise Weekly wants to help you be the best Santa possible with our annual Gift Guide—chocked full of items from local retailers for friends, family, neighbors, co-workers... and maybe even yourself.

One thing's for certain: Fill your shopping list from these pages, and no one will forget what they got from you.

The newest edition of Gift Guide published Nov. 19. Find a copy inserted into each edition of Boise Weekly, or click here for the digital issue.

Happy shopping and, more importantly, happy holidays.

Zach Hagadone