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"As Boise’s only locally owned and operated alternative newspaper, Boise Weekly should always keep in mind that nothing contributes to the well-being of a community more than a good local newspaper. Boise Weekly should be a spirited source of accurate, fair news reporting, thoughtful insights and useful information that every reader in the community will find valuable. Its goal is to celebrate what’s good about Boise and Idaho, including the idiosyncrasies that make them uniquely attractive while calling attention, thoughtfully and fearlessly, with humor and without pomposity, to what can and should be improved. Boise Weekly should always be open to voices from the community, foster high-quality writing, photography and design, and seek to provide a big-picture view of important issues. Most importantly, it should never lose its dedication to making Boise Weekly an enjoyable and profitable place to work."

This is the mission that was established by Andy and Debi Hedden-Nicely when they first published Boise Weekly in July 1992. The mission of the paper remains the same. The message is still relevant and true.
—Sally Freeman

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